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James and his little sister, Susie, travel the globe in this fun series of books. Where will they travel to next?

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See Where James and Susie Travel to Next!

I know it’s not always possible for all families to travel to all the destinations they would like to see, so I created these books to take you on an educational adventure to other countries from the comfort of your own home!
In little James Big Adventures Japan, James and his younger sister Susie visit major cities, like Tokyo and Kyoto, and attractions such as the bamboo forest, various temples, Mt. Fuji and more! They learn about history, culture, and enjoy eating traditional Japanese cuisine. They also learn some japanese phrases! In this fun adventure story both Little James and Susie gain an understanding and appreciation for Japanese tradition and lifestyle.

Meet Janine

A Few Words about Janine

A Love for Travel

Janine Iannelli discovered a passion for traveling after studying abroad and living overseas for a number of years. She enjoyed and embraced the many differences between her home country, the United States, and the rest of the world. 

Because of this, she wanted to educate children on how much fun diversity in lifestyle, language, food, and culture can be. She created the ‘Little James’ Big Adventures’ series in hopes to inspire a love for travel and close the gap created by distance.