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Little James' Big Adventures

Creating worldly kids!

These activity sheets include three puzzle-type pages, such as word searches, mazes, and crossword puzzles (varying with each book's set) with solution pages. Your little ones can use the corresponding book to help solve these fun puzzles! The ages for these are approximately 6+ years old.


They also include four coloring pages themed around the country!


Finally, they include a recipe to make together, so you can have a whole international night together. You can read the book, do the fun puzzle pages, color, and cook together!

Whether you want to 'Travel from Home' or you want to get your little one excited for an upcoming trip, these activity sheets are perfect for you, at only $0.99 each or $4.99 for the bundle of all six!

Little James dreams of traveling the world with his younger sister, Susie. One special Christmas he is surprised with a magic snow globe that will take him anywhere he wishes! He and Susie then use the magic snow globe to explore a different country in each book! They visit all the major sites and cities, taste the food of that country, and learn some new phrases and foreign language. Sometimes they even make friends. Little James and Susie admire and respect every place they visit, and always return home with a greater appreciation for that country and its culture. These rhyming books have fun facts sprinkled throughout for extra learning.


Janine lived overseas for several years and always appreciated the fun differences between her home country, the U.S., and the rest of the world. She created the Little James' Big Adventures series to encourage a global mindset in young children and cultivate an appreciation for other cultures. As a mother, she believes it is important for our kids to be worldly. These books give your child the experience and knowledge of traveling abroad, all from home with characters they'll grow to love.

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