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Fun Features

Little James Travels - the Internet!

James and Susie Love To Explore New Destinations - even on the internet. See where they've traveled to.

Have you spotted James and Susie on some of the internet adventures? Would you like for them to visit you?
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Videos James has appeared in

check out these videos that our friends, James and Susie have starring roles in!

Ms. Ocasio Reads... Australia

Travel through Australia with James and Susie in this fun reading by Ms. Ocasio.

Ms. Ocasio Reads...The Globe

Find out how it all starts in the story that tells how James gets his magic snowglobe. Ms. Ocasio reads the story aloud for all to enjoy!

Where Will James and Susie travel to Next?

Janine traveling in Italy.

Meet the Author

Janine Iannelli

Janine Iannelli discovered a passion for traveling after studying abroad and living overseas for a number of years. She enjoyed and embraced the many differences between her home country, the United States, and the rest of the world.
Because of this, she wanted to educate children on how much fun diversity in lifestyle, language, food, and culture can be. She created the ‘Little James’ Big Adventures’ series in hopes to inspire a love for travel and close the gap created by distance.

Janine holding a snake in Australia.

James and Susie see a snake in Australia.

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