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Little James' Big Adventures

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Family Fun with Little James

Family Fun with Little James

Jul 21, 2022


Janine Iannelli

Cooking and reading together are great ways to bond, learn, and create memories together. I believe learning to be open-minded and to appreciate other cultures is an important part of education.

Reading books about other countries and tasting new foods from other cultures can get kids excited about the world and cultivate an appreciation for how people live around the world. This is why I write the Little James’ Big Adventures book series.

In each book, Little James uses his magic snow globe to take him and his sister to a different country. They learn some foreign language, see major landmarks, and eat foods that best represent each place. They find beauty in every country they visit and have lots of fun discovering new ways to live and eat.

From now until August 6th, 11:59 PM EST, we are giving you access to our activity sheets for FREE with the code FamilyFun at checkout! When you download these files you'll get activity sheets such as crosswords and word searches, fun coloring pages, and easy recipes that go along with each book that you can make together tonight! You'll get all of this for free, but if you're reading this after the 6th you can get these for $0.99 each or $4.99 for the six-book set of activity sheets. You can also always get extra coloring pages for FREE all the time by signing up for our email list at the bottom of our home page! Whether you're making a fun recipe together, doing an activity sheet, coloring, or reading a Little James book together, we hope you have fun, learn about other countries and cultures, and make some wonderful memories together!

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