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10 Kid-Friendly Foods From Around The World!

10 Kid-Friendly Foods From Around The World!

Jun 15, 2022


Janine Iannelli

As all parents know, children don’t always have the most adventurous of palates when it comes to food. So here are some delicious foods from around the world that even the pickiest of kids are likely to enjoy.


Meat Pie and Sausage Rolls!

These savory dishes are sure to please. The buttery pastry is light and flakey, and the fillings for both the meat pie and sausage rolls are super flavorful without being overpowering for a youthful palate.

Australian Meat Pie

Australian Sausage Rolls


Apple Strudel!

This is a dessert, so right there your child is more likely to eat it. Apple strudel is also very similar to our American apple pie. So if your child likes that, you can pretty much be certain this will be a hit.

Austrian Apple Strudel



This is also a dessert, and is very similar to flan. It's the perfect consistency for super itty bitty babies who don’t have many teeth.

Brazilian Pudim



Poutine is basically loaded French fry nachos with gravy and cheese. They also have many different variations of this to fit any tastes.

Canadian Poutine


Croissants and Macarons!

I couldn’t get enough of either of these when I was in France. Again, when it comes to kids, I do not know many who will turn down anything that resembles a cookie or a sweet flakey bread!

French Croissants

French Macarons



I suppose this is a no brainer here, but it is definitely something you could use to talk up the trip in advance!

Swiss Chocolate


Pizza, Pasta and Paninis!

I could sell most kids on all of these without any convincing. Oh and let's not forget the gelato in Italy! Overall, I doubt anyone will have much difficulty getting their child to eat in this country. Here are some pictures from our Italy book with some of these foods!

Italian Pizza

Italian Pasta

Italian Gelato Stand

Italian Gelato


Chips Mayai!

Chips Mayai in its simplest description is a French fry omelet. It is even something you can easily whip up yourself prior to going there to get your kids extra excited about the trip. If you find our activity sheets here on our website, we include a recipe for Chips Mayai in with the activity pages and coloring pages. Since it's an instant download you can even make this today! Your little one can even help, so you can make it together for a fun experience.

Tanzanian Chips Mayai



Chipper is lightly battered and fried fish and potatoes. It can easily be taken on the go, and if your child isn’t into the fish you can fill up on that while they enjoy the potatoes. Also, there are many dairy farms all over Ireland so this is a great spot for ice cream. Order your little ones some 99’s, which is soft ice cream with Cadbury flake. Here's a picture of 99’s from our Ireland book to give you a better idea.

Irish 99's



Mochi is a soft sweet dough filled with various types of fillings. I have my characters Little James and Susie eat this in the Japan book. What is really cool about this is that they often have mochi pounding shows, so you can watch it being made beforehand which can also get the kids hyped up and more willing to give it a try. Here are pictures of the mochi pounding show and of Little James and Susie enjoying their mochi from our Little James’ Big Adventures book to Japan.

Japanese Mochi Pounding Show

Japanese Mochi

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